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Our Rooms


What can I bring with me?

You should bring clothes and toiletries and any aids you may require such as a walking stick or frame. You should also bring any personal affects you wish to use but you are encouraged to leave valuables with family members if possible. We have a safe in house and you can access the items you are keeping in the safe at any time when reception is open. A locked door or locker is provided in your room for your personal use.

We will require a letter from your GP or hospital consultant with your medical history and a list of current medications. You should also bring any medications you are currently taking and any current prescriptions.

Am I allowed to put paintings/pictures on the wall?

Of course, just let a member of staff know and we will organise one of our maintenance team to hang them up for you.

Are pets allowed to visit?

Yes, in consultation with the staff. Dogs should be on a lead and any pets visiting should be housetrained and well behaved.

What type of furniture can I bring into my room?

Some of our residents have brought in items such as mirrors, desks, ornaments, etc. You will be limited by the space in the room. However, we will endeavour to do our best to always make your room a ‘home from home’.