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Admissions Process

Admission of residents to Oaklands Nursing Home is planned in a safe, fair manner in accordance with their assessed needs. A comprehensive assessment is completed as soon as practical after admission, but within a maximum of 14 days of admission, and used to create the resident’s Individual Care Plans (HIQA, 2016).

Assessments are resident-focused, based on your actual, potential and perceived needs. They are ongoing throughout your time with us, and accommodate continual changes in your condition and circumstances. Assessments are an interactive process in which you actively participate.

Residents with dementia/cognitive impairment have a unique set of care needs, which include a progressive cognitive impairment, diminishing capacity, communication difficulties, possible responsive behaviours and a prolonged illness trajectory leading to uncertainty in relation to prognosis (Irish Hospice Foundation, 2016). These needs shall be appropriately assessed and managed accordingly by Oaklands Nursing Home’s staff and supporting health and social care professionals.