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Quality Management

At Oaklands we prioritise excellence: in our care, in our staff, in our services and in our facilities. Our home from home philosophy is only possible because of our investment in quality management systems and strategies.

Personalised Healthcare Programmes

Residents and their families are actively involved in establishing individualised and appropriate care plan programmes. We carry out comprehensive assessments when a resident first comes to Oaklands Nursing Home. By carrying out ongoing reviews we can ensure that changes in an individual’s needs – however small – are identified promptly and addressed accordingly.

Experienced, Highly-Trained Staff

We are committed to providing nothing short of exemplary care to our residents, therefore, we consistently work with experienced and highly-trained staff.

Residents benefit from our:

  • First-rate nursing experience and skills
  • Extensive clinical knowledge
  • The continuing professional development of our staff
  • Strong, supportive and involved leadership at management level.

Person-Centred Care

Our philosophy of person-centred care puts the individual at the centre of their own care. All of us need a degree of autonomy in our lives, whatever stage we’re at. We respect the dignity of choice and self-determination.

Life is made more enjoyable by experiencing daily pleasures, things that are important to each of us, things we look forward to throughout the day – in homely, comfortable surroundings. At Oaklands Nursing Home we encourage residents to assert their rights and preferences, to expect dignity in their care and their relationships with caregivers. Practically this includes residents choosing their daily care and services from staff.